Scottsdale Private Plane Crash Attorney

Scottsdale small plane crash attorney.

Scottsdale Private Jet Crash Attorney

Some of the most challenging investigations in personal injury cases involve private jet crashes. An experienced Scottsdale private jet accident attorney understands how complex and difficult it is to file an injury claim involving a private jet crash. Small planes can be owned by a company or an individual. In some cases, a party may lease the aircraft or own a fraction of an interest in the aircraft. Therefore, determining the party who is liable for the injuries sustained by a small plane accident victim can be difficult.

Our Scottsdale private jet accident attorney handles injury claims involving small plane crashes. Our law office understands what evidence is needed and how to conduct an independent investigation of a small plane accident. By conducting an independent parallel investigation to the investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) or the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), our plane crash attorney ensures that nothing is overlooked, and evidence is not destroyed or lost.

It is crucial that the investigation is conducted thoroughly to identify each factor related to the crash. Those causal factors determine who is ultimately liable for the victim’s damages.

Causal Factors in a Private Jet Crash

Many of the same factors that can play a role in other aviation accidents can be found in a private jet crash. For example, human error is often a cause of small plane crashes. The pilot may be drowsy or impaired. A crew member may fail to properly secure the beverage cart. On the ground, an air traffic controller may make a mistake or the person fueling the jet may make an error leading to the accident.

While human error is often the cause of a private jet crash, defective parts, weather conditions, mechanical failure, and poor maintenance may also be factors that lead to an accidental injury.

If a passenger is injured in a private jet crash, the passenger may be entitled to compensation from the liable party. Our Scottsdale private jet crash attorney can help the victim negotiate with the insurance company or other parties for a fair and just settlement of the claim. An attorney can also file a lawsuit if necessary and seek compensation for a wrongful death claim.

Time is a Factor in a Private Jet Crash Lawsuit

Because the time to file a lawsuit for a private jet crash may be limited by law, an accident victim should consult with an attorney immediately. Due to the complex nature of this type of injury claim, an attorney needs time to investigate the crash and research the applicable rules and regulations prior to filing a lawsuit. The victim needs to allow his or her attorney as much time as possible to prepare a strong case in order to pursue maximum compensation of all damages by the party responsible for the accident.

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