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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 10,000 people die in SUV rollover accidents each year in the United States. Because of the high fatality rate associated with accidents involving rollovers, a rollover is one of the most dangerous types of auto accidents. Even though only two percent of traffic crashes in the United States involve rollover accidents, almost 35 percent of the deaths in passenger vehicle accidents occur in rollover accidents.

Because SUV rollover accidents cause severe injuries, head traumas, and fatalities, victims and their families suffer substantial financial and noneconomic damages. If you have been injured in an accident, we urge you to contact our Scottsdale rollover car accident attorney at Amar Esq. PLLC. Call 480-802-8232 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer.

How Does an SUV Rollover Crash Occur?

Rollover accidents occur for a variety of reasons. SUVs are more susceptible to rollover crashes because taller, narrower vehicles are more likely to roll over. SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks have a high center of gravity. Therefore, these vehicles have a higher risk of rolling over in a signal vehicle accident compared to other passenger vehicles.

In addition to the vehicle type, other causes of SUV rollover accidents include:

  • Excessive Speed — Nearly 40 percent of fatal rollover crashes were speed-related accidents. In addition, roughly 75 percent of rollover crashes occur in areas where the speed limit is 55 mph or higher.
  • Driver Error — Data from the NHTSA shows that almost 85 percent of rollover crashes occur in single-vehicle In addition, the data suggest that in 90 percent of fatal rollover accidents involving a single vehicle, the driver was executing routine driving skills, such as going around a curve or driving straight. Therefore, the data suggest that the cause of many rollover accidents involving one vehicle is driver error. Examples of driver error that could cause a rollover accident include speeding, reckless driving, distracted driving, and drowsy driving.
  • Inexperienced Drivers — Younger drivers or drivers who do not understand the vehicle’s high center of gravity may not take precautions to avoid a rollover car accident.
  • Location of the Accident — The location where the person is driving has an impact on the risk of an SUV rollover accident. Almost 75 percent of rollover crashes happen on rural roads with a speed limit of 55 mph or higher. Few rural roads have barriers, and the roads are usually undivided increasing the risk of a rollover crash.
  • Drunk or Drugged Driving — Almost one-half of the fatal rollover car accidents involve an alcohol-impaired driver. Alcohol and drugs impair the driver’s ability to control the vehicle. It also negatively impacts a driver’s reasoning skills, judgment, vision, and coordination.
  • Defective Automobile Parts — In some cases, a defective part could be the reason why a driver loses control and rolls the vehicle. If the brakes or steering systems fail, the driver may not be able to avoid a rollover accident. Tire blowouts can also cause the driver to lose control and the vehicle to roll over.
  • Weather and Road Conditions — Poor weather conditions and dangerous road conditions can be a contributing factor in an SUV rollover car accident. Drivers must slow down when driving in rain, fog, snow, or ice.

In a car accident, the cause of the accident typically determines who is liable for damages caused by the collision. The same is true in a rollover car accident.

Who is Liable for My Damages from a Rollover Car Accident?

If you are at fault for the accident, there is a chance that your liability insurance will not pay your damages. If you have PIP or Medical Pay, you might receive some compensation for your lost wages and medical bills. Likewise, if you carry comprehensive and collision insurance, your insurance company may pay for the repairs to your vehicle.

However, if you are a passenger in the vehicle, another driver caused the crash, or another third party is responsible (i.e. parts manufacturer, government entity, etc.), you can file a personal injury claim seeking compensation for damages. An SUV rollover attorney can help you prepare your claim to maximize your chance of receiving full compensation for your injury claim.

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