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Scottsdale Helicopter Crash Attorney

Helicopters are used in the public and private sector. For example, helicopters are often used by hospitals to transport critical patients, but they are also used by tourist sightseeing companies to transport passengers. A business may use a helicopter to travel from one business location to another, or a private party may use a helicopter to travel to the airport, a vacation home, or an office building. Even though helicopters are relatively safe, their complex design can contribute to the cause of a sudden helicopter crash.

When a person is injured in a helicopter accident, the victim should contact an experienced Scottsdale helicopter crash attorney. It can be difficult to determine the causal factor that contributed to a helicopter accident. Therefore, an injured victim should consult with a knowledgable helicopter accident lawyer that will conduct an independent investigation of the accident to determine the exact cause of the crash. Only after determining the cause of the accident should an attorney identify the parties who may be liable for the victim’s injuries, losses, and damages.

Common Causes of Helicopter Accidents

A helicopter accident can be caused by operational error, electrical malfunction, or mechanical malfunction. In some cases, weather conditions or the negligent actions of a third party may also contribute to the cause of the accident. When human error is a factor in the helicopter accident, the pilot, owner of the helicopter, the company operating the helicopter, or another party may be held liable for the damages sustained. With a mechanical or electrical malfunction, the helicopter manufacturer or a manufacturer of a component may be liable. In addition, the company responsible for maintaining and servicing the helicopter could also be held liable.

As one can see, identifying the party who is responsible for the victim’s injuries can be difficult. The process may be lengthy, but a dedicated helicopter crash attorney that is committed to discovering the cause of the crash, could help seek justice and maximum compensation for the accident victim.

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