Scottsdale Premises Liability Attorney

Caution sign indicating a wet floor and slippery surface to help prevent someone from falling.

Arizona Premises Liability Lawyer Fights for Compensation

Premises liability laws protect the rights of individuals who are injured on property belonging to someone else. The state of Arizona recognizes the right of these victims to seek compensation against negligent parties. An experienced premises liability lawyer can help victims pursue compensation against those parties liable for injuries they have suffered by applying Arizona premises liability laws.

Types of Premises Liability Cases

There are several different types of premises liability cases that personal injury attorneys handle. Some of the most common include:

Slip and Fall Accident

A slip and fall accident usually occurs while on commercial property or public property. In this type of premises liability claim, a victim usually slips on something at a business and falls. This type of claim usually relies on showing that the property owner did not properly monitor the space for potential hazards or did not promptly respond to hazards. It is important to be able to show that the property owner knew about the hazard or should have known about it in order to establish negligence.

Injuries on Someone Else’s Property

Sometimes guests may be injured while on someone else’s property. They may slip on loose flooring. They may miss a step because of poor lighting. They may be bit by a dangerous dog. A premises liability lawyer can examine your claim and determine if you may be able to seek compensation against the property owner.

Negligent Security

Negligent security occurs when a property owner’s failure to secure the land and buildings causes harm to the victim. Property owners can be held liable for the acts of criminals or other third parties. A victim may be able to seek compensation for medical expenses, property damage, lost income and pain and suffering in these types of premises liability claims. To recover compensation, he or she must show that the property owner was negligent and his or her negligence caused the victim to suffer injury.

Negligence may be established by showing that conditions such as the following led to the incident:

  • Lack of adequate security guards
  • Lack of locks
  • Open or broken locks
  • Open gates
  • Lack of security measures that could have prevented the incident
  • Negligent employment screening
  • Not monitoring security cameras that are in place
  • Poor lighting

Classification of the Victim and the Property Owner’s Duty

A cornerstone of premises liability laws is the relationship of the victim to the defendant. The state of Arizona recognizes the following types of visitors on someone else’s property and the legal duty that is owed to them:

  • Invitee – An invitee is a visitor who is on property belonging to another person, usually for the financial benefit of the defendant. The owner of the property gives express or implied permission for them to be on the property. Store customers or clients are often considered invitees. Property owners owe the highest duty to invitees and are usually responsible for inspecting the property for potential hazards, correcting these problems and warning them about hazards that the owner knows about.
  • Licensee – A licensee is an invited guest on someone who is legally on the property belonging to another person. He or she usually enters the property for his or her own benefit. Social guests are usually considered licensees. Property owners must warn these guests of known hazards.
  • Trespasser – Trespassers are individuals who are not legally on property belonging to someone else. Property owners are not usually held liable for injuries that trespassers sustain unless the property owner intentionally harmed the trespasser or the property owner knew the trespasser was there and did not warn about non-obvious hazards.

A premises liability lawyer can discuss the role of the visitor and how this classification can affect personal injury claims for damages.

Why You Should Contact a Scottsdale Premises Liability Lawyer

A premises liability lawyer is familiar with premises liability laws in Arizona. He or she can discuss how these laws apply to your individual case or situation. All premises liability claims are different, so it is important that you understand how your particular claim can be affected by these laws and individual factors.

An Arizona premises liability lawyer can offer you specific legal advice for your particular case. Once you form an attorney client relationship, your premises liability lawyer can investigate and determine which parties can be held liable for injures you sustained. He or she can handle communications with the defendant or insurance company and negotiate a fair settlement. If the defendant does not offer just compensation, your premises liability lawyer can pursue your case at trial. Many law firms that focus on personal injury cases offer a free consultation. Please contact an experienced Scottsdale premises liability attorney to get started on your claim.