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Are you an avid bicyclist? Do you simply enjoy occasionally riding a bicycle around your beautiful city? Regardless of your level of expertise or the frequency of your bicycle rides, every time a bicyclist is on the road, he or she is in danger of a potential bicycle accident. Thousands of bicyclists are injured in bicycle accidents each year. Cyclists suffer severe injuries, financial damages, and pain and suffering because of a bike accident.

During 2015, over 45,000 cyclists were injured, and 818 cyclists were killed in bike accidents throughout the United States. Bicycle accident deaths increased by 12.2 percent from 2014 to 2015. In Arizona during 2015, bicycle accident fatalities accounted for 3.2 percent of the total traffic-related fatalities. The national average for bicycle accident fatalities is 2.3 percent.

Common Causes of Bike Crashes

A bike accident can occur for a variety of reasons. In some cases, the bicyclist’s inexperience or error can cause the accident. However, many bike accidents are caused by motorists. Some of the common causes of bike crashes include:

  • The bicyclist is sideswiped by a passing vehicle;
  • A motorist opens the door either on the passenger side or the driver side in front of a bicyclist;
  • Speeding or distracted drivers;
  • A vehicle makes a left turn at an intersection or through a gap in traffic hitting the cyclist;
  • Drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs;
  • Failing to allow sufficient room when a motorist is passing a bicyclist;
  • A motorist rear-ends the bicycle when the rider has stopped for a traffic light or stop sign or when the vehicle is merging across lanes to make a left-hand turn; and,
  • A vehicle strikes a bicyclist as the motorist is making a right turn in front of the rider or at an intersection.

In addition to motorists, dangerous road conditions, adverse weather conditions, and defective parts can also be a contributing factor in a bicycle accident.

Cyclists injured in a bike accident know the pain and suffering sustained in a bicycle accident. Accident victims who attempt to deal with insurance companies to file a personal injury claim also understand the frustration of dealing with adjusters and uncooperative insurance companies.

Our Scottsdale bike accident lawyer represents accident victims injured from various types of bicycle crashes. Our law office takes care of the steps in the legal process to file and settle your bicycle accident claim so that you can focus on what is most important, recovering from severe injuries sustained in a bicycle crash.

If you were injured in a bicycle accident, contact our law office for a free consultation with a bicycle accident attorney.

Types of Damages Sustained In Bike Accident Cases

Bicyclists who are injured in a collision with a vehicle are vulnerable to severe injuries, including spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, lacerations, and multiple broken bones. Even when wearing protective gear, including a bicycle helmet, the rider can suffer head trauma and other severe injuries. In many cases, a rider who is injured in a bicycle crash will recover given time and medical care. However, some riders suffer severe injuries that result in permanent impairments.

Regardless of the severity of your injuries, you have the right to take the responsible party to court to recover compensation for your damages. The amount of compensation you can receive depends on several factors, including the severity of your injuries and your out-of-pocket losses. Our injury lawyer fights for your right to recover full compensation for all damages.

Examples of the types of damages you might recover in a bicycle accident claim include:

  • Costs of hospital care, surgery, physical therapy, medical equipment, medications, and other medical expenses;
  • Loss of income, including lost wages, future lost wages, and diminished earning capacity;
  • Property damage — the cost to repair or replace your bicycle;
  • Emotional and mental pain and suffering;
  • Physical pain and suffering;
  • Compensation for permanent impairment;
  • Past and future cost of personal care; and,
  • Funeral expenses and other damages related to a wrongful

A Scottsdale bicycle accident attorney works closely with the victim, his or her family, the doctors, and other experts to determine the types of compensation they may be entitled to and the value of the claim. Our law firm helps victims identify liable parties and gather the evidence required to prove fault. We work diligently to hold the responsible party accountable for his or her negligence.

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