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Scottsdale Dog Bite Lawyer Assisting Injured Victims

According to the Centers for Disease Control Prevention, 4.5 million dog bites happen in America each year. About 20% of these bites causes an infection. Children, especially those between ages five and nine, are more at risk for being bitten by a dog than adults. Men are more prone to being bitten than women. Dog bites can cause diseases, physical injury, disfigurement, and scarring. For many victims, the emotional trauma of being attacked and disfigured can be just as bad as the physical pain. Our Scottsdale dog bite attorney takes on these types of cases where an attack by a dangerous dog causes serious injury.

Liability for dog bites in Arizona is complicated. There are statutory laws and case laws that determine when a dog owner is responsible for your injuries or your child’s injuries. At Amar Esq. PLLC, our Scottsdale dog bite lawyer understands the dog bite laws. We determine what happened through extensive questioning of everyone involved, reviewing your injuries with your physicians and independent doctors, and having investigators help determine the facts when necessary. We demand full compensation for your physical and emotional pain and suffering, and all your medical bills.

Why Dog Bites Are so Dangerous and Risky

The jaws of a dog are built for tearing. In addition to crushing injuries, a dog bite can cause:

  • Torn skin, cuts, and bruises
  • Puncture wounds that need surgery or stitching
  • Tissue and muscle damage
  • Facial scarring and disfigurement
  • Infections and diseases
  • Broken bones
  • Wrongful Death

Several of the diseases dog bites can cause are septic arthritis, staphylococcus aureus, pasteurella multocida, and osteomyelitis. Rabies are also a possibility.

Why Children Suffer a Large Number of Dog Bite Attacks

Children love and are fascinated by all types of animals. Most don’t think twice about the dangers dogs impose. They just think they’re fun to be around and to play with. The reasons dogs often bite children are:

  • Children don’t appreciate the risk of being too friendly – Children often fail to keep their distance until they can sense the dog’s behavior.
  • Dogs and children are closer in size than adults – This makes it easier for a dog to attack a child’s face. Facial attacks can cause vision loss and the need for plastic or reconstructive surgery.
  • Children need more hospital care – Because children are smaller, dog bites are usually deeper and cause more damage than bites to adults.

Dog bites are not just confined to children. Many adults including postal workers and delivery workers are often attacked and bitten by unfriendly dogs. Our Scottsdale dog bite attorney represents both children and adults who are attacked by dogs, who are rightfully on the property of the dog owner, and when they are at a public place, such as a park.

General Laws Concerning Dog Bites in Arizona

Liability against a dog owner may can be shown in several ways:

  • Strict liability – The Arizona statutes hold that a dog owner is liable to a victim for dog bite damages if the victim is in a public place or is lawfully in a private place. The private place can be the dog owner’s property or the property of another. There is no requirement that the dog owner have knowledge of the dog’s viciousness (i.e., dogs do not get one free bite). There are exceptions our Scottsdale dog bite attorney can explain if the dog was working for the police or the military. A child, who is bitten, who lives in the same home as the dog owner, generally also cannot bring a claim against the dog owners. Dog owners can’t claim the victim assumed the risk, however, they may be able to assert that an adult provoked the dog. A.R.S. § 11-1025.
  • Statutory liability – The Arizona statutes also provides that dog owners and anyone responsible for the dog are liable for any injuries (not just dog bites) while the dog is at large. A.R.S. § 11-1020.
  • Negligence – Arizona also allows the victim to bring a claim against a dog owner on the basis that the dog owner knew or should have known the dog was likely to bite.

In strict liability cases, it is not a defense that the child got too friendly with the dog. Over-friendly behavior may be a defense in the other types of cases.

Consult With a With a Dog Bite Lawyer Near You Today

There are different statutes of limitations depending on what type of claim is brought. Thus, it is important to speak with an experienced Scottsdale dog bite attorney as soon as possible. At Amar Esq. PLLc, we bring claims on behalf of adults and children. We demand compensation for the injured victim’s physical injuries and for the long-term pain and suffering. If adults, such as postal workers, lose wages, we demand payment for lost income. To schedule a free consultation please call 480-802-8232. We handle dog bite cases on a contingency fee basis.