Scottsdale Auto Product Liability Lawyer

Mechanic fixing defective automobile parts which could cause injury to the driver.

Advocacy for Individuals Injured by Defective Motor Vehicles

If you were injured or a loved one tragically died, due to a defect in an automobile, our firm is ready to hold responsible the parties accountable. Our Scottsdale defective automobile lawyer prepares each case for a trial before a jury. We only recommend a settlement when the offer from the insurance company or the responsible parties is acceptable to you. For clear guidance and to speak with a defective auto injury lawyer contact our office today.

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We are an auto product liability law office in Scottsdale that handles cases pertaining to injuries caused by defects in various types of automobiles. At our firm, we focus on providing effective trial lawyer and litigation abilities to ensure the client’s matter is resolved accordingly. Whether the case settles or ends up at trial in front of a jury, we strive to regain the quality and enjoyment of life our clients deserves. Contact us at 480-802-8232 to schedule a free consultation.