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We have one interest in mind. The best interest of the client.

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At Amar Esq. PLLC we target our focus on the principles of the attorney client relationship. We understand the client’s suffering and prioritize their needs throughout all stages of the legal representation. Our law firm guides injured victims throughout each stage of their legal matter whether a lawsuit is filed or their matter is handled outside of court. Throughout the legal representation our legal team conducts an extensive investigation to determine the manner in which the injury took place. We do this in order to obtain the information demonstrating whether the other party was at fault so they can be held accountable for the harms they have caused. During the timeline of the client’s legal matter, we will only advise and recommend that our client enter into a settlement when the settlement offer from the responsible party is fair and fully beneficial to our client. In the event the wrongdoing party does not want to compensate adequately, our law office pursues justice before a jury in order to seek the best possible outcome for the client.

Amar Esq. PLLC

Types of Cases We Handle

We handle a broad range of injury cases including the following (to see a more complete list of the type of personal injury cases we handle visit out practice areas page):

Auto Accidents: In addition to car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, we represent clients injured by vans, buses, trains, all-terrain vehicles, and other types of motor vehicles.

Car Accidents: Car accidents include intersection accidents, head-on collisions, t-bone accidents, sideswipes, rear end collisions, multi-vehicle accidents, and single car crashes.

Truck Accidents: Truck accidents are often deadly and could cause catastrophic injuries because the weight, size, and dimensions of the truck are no match for a smaller vehicle. Our personal injury law firm brings claims against companies that put profits ahead of safety as well as the driver of the truck and anyone else that caused the accident.

Motorcycle Accidents: When a motorcycle crash occurs, the rider either fall straight to the ground or gets ejected into the vehicle that struck them. The motorcycle rider and passenger often die or require long term medical treatment. Motorcycle accidents often occur because a car or truck driver failed to respect the rights of the motorcycle to be on the road.

Products Liability: Manufacturers and sellers of products like vehicles, machines, and other goods have a duty to make sure their products are safe for the public to use. When defective products cause harm to people, our law office holds the responsible parties accountable for the damages their defective products caused to the injured victims.

Slip and Fall: Property owners have a duty to make their premises safe. Consumers and people who have a right to be on the property of another have a right to expect that the property owners routinely inspects their property, takes steps to prevent accidents, and regularly repairs any defects that could hurt a person.

Dog Bites: Dog owners can be held liable if their dog causes injuries to someone else. One main example is if someone is bit by another person’s dog. Pet owners can also be held liable for not properly supervising their dog or for failing to warn others that their dog is dangerous. Dog bites can lead to disease, nerve damage, scarring, and other permanent types of harm.

Wrongful Death: A spouse, children, parents, or personal representative of a deceased’s estate, can generally file a wrongful death action against the parties that are responsible for causing the death of their loved one. In wrongful death cases, the compensation payable to the relatives of the deceased generally include funeral and burial bills, medical bills, lost wages the deceased would have earned had they lived, pain and suffering the deceased suffered prior to death, and certain property damages. The family members of the deceased may also be entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering, including the loss of companionship as a result of not having their loved one with them anymore.

Catastrophic Injuries: These types of cases generally change the quality of life the victim enjoys forever. Catastrophic injuries are normally permanent or require long term medical care. The life of the injured victim is never the same even with the extensive medical treatment they receive.

Hiring a Lawyer for Help with Your Case

Your accident and injury occurred so fast that you have not had time to think about anything other than your physical and emotional injuries. However, now that you have had a chance to recover from the initial shock and pain of the injury, you may be wondering if you need to hire an injury attorney to represent you regarding your claim.

Valuing your claim: A Scottsdale personal injury lawyer understands the true value of an injury claim. The insurance adjuster may not tell you if you are about to accept a settlement that is much lower than the value of the claim. In fact, the adjuster may prefer you take a lower amount. Therefore, seeking representation from a lawyer who reviews every option to increase the amount you recover may be wise. Your attorney analyzes each area of potential damages to find ways to maximize compensation.

A lawyer understands the law: To recover money for an accident claim, you must prove each legal element required by law to establish fault and liability. An attorney with experience handling injury cases understands the law governing these types of lawsuits. You need an attorney who can investigate the claim to identify liable parties and obtain evidence to prove fault. The sooner you consult with an injury lawyer, the quicker the lawyer can begin obtaining and preserving key evidence to use against the other party.

Skilled negotiators: Many cases are settled outside of court, without the necessity of filing a lawsuit. If the parties can arrive at a fair settlement, they can avoid the time and cost of a lengthy court battle. However, insurance providers may lower the amount they offer for settlement because they may want to pay the least amount of money to end a claim. Hiring an injury lawyer who is a skilled negotiator can increase your chance of receiving fair compensation for your claim.

Protection against unfair tactics: The company providing insurance for the at-fault party will have a team of professionals, including adjusters, investigators, and attorneys, protecting its best interest. These individuals sometimes have years of experience working in the industry. For these reasons, it is wise to have a team on your side who is working just as hard to protect you. Injury victims should contact one of the law firms in their area to discuss their case with an attorney before providing any information to the other side. Even an innocent comment could give the other side evidence to use against you to fight your claim.

Focus on your recovery: When you are trying to recover from a catastrophic injury, it can be very difficult to focus on your recovery if you are being bombarded by insurance companies and investigators who want to push you into a quick settlement that may be lower than the true value of your claim. If your case is open for a long time because you need months of physical therapy or other medical treatment to recover, aggressive insurance companies and investigators can overwhelm you with requests, documents, and other demands. By hiring a Scottsdale personal injury attorney to handle your case, you do not need to talk with these people. Rather, your lawyer will respond to their requests. Your attorney takes care of these things for you so that you can focus on more important matters — your recovery and your family.