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Strong Legal Counsel from a Scottsdale Motorcycle Accident Attorney when Motorcycle Accidents Cause Death or Serious Injury

Protecting the rights of drivers and passengers in Arizona motorcycle crash cases

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Statistics, the number of motorcycle deaths per mile traveled in 2014 was 27 times that for car travel. Motorcycle accidents cause a disproportionate number of fatalities, brain injuries, and serious injuries because the motorcycle offers no real protection for the driver or passenger. When a motorcycle crash occurs the riders usually fall or get thrown to the ground or onto other vehicles.

Helmets and other safety gear can offer some protection, but if a crash occurs it is likely that the rider will either die or need lengthy medical care. Common injuries include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, paralysis, broken bones, internal bleeding, nerve damage, and other harms. At the law firm of Amar Esq. PLLC, our Scottsdale motorcycle accident lawyers are dedicated to getting families of deceased riders, and the survivors of motorcycle accidents, the maximum award or settlement the law allows. We seek pain and suffering amounts that match the changes in your life, payment of all medical bills, compensation for disfigurement and scarring, lost wages, and property damage. In especially reckless cases, we ask for punitive damages.

Motorcycle accident causes

Some of the more common reasons for motorcycle accidents in Arizona are:

Car driver negligence

Car drivers often do not look for motorcycles in the same way they do cars. When a car driver does see a motorcycle, it often misjudges the speed of the motorcycle and the ability of motorcycle operator to turn, pass, stop, or handle emergencies. If a car driver is talking on the cell phone while driving, driving while drunk, speeding, or not fully focused on the road; the inability to respond to a motorcycle driver is compounded. Car drivers often fail to check their mirrors to see motorcycle riders. They tend to think if they can’t hear the motorcycle, then a motorcycle must not be nearby.

Bad roads

While cars and trucks can ride over potholes and dead animals, those obstacles are a unique hazard for motorcycle operators. In the same manner; a change in road surface, rain, oil slicks, and other unusual road surfaces make it much easier for a motorcycle operator to lose control.

Defective motorcycle parts

If the brakes don’t work, the throttle doesn’t adjust properly, the steering mechanism fails, or other parts of the motorcycle are defective; then anyone injured because of the defect, can bring a product liability suit. Our Scottsdale motorcycle accident lawyers understand how to prove a product liability defect. We bring claims against manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

Motorcycle riders are also likely to ride under a truck if the motorcycle crashes with the truck. Underride accidents are often deadly.

Responsibility for motorcycle accidents

At Amar Esq. PLLC, we work with investigators to determine how the accident happened and who is responsible.

Many people or businesses can be responsible for a motorcycle crash in addition to the driver of a car, truck, bus, or other larger vehicle. Some other defendants that can be liable for a motorcycle crash include:

  1. Operators of other motorcycles;
  2. The owners of another vehicle that caused the crash can be liable for any injuries or deaths caused by anyone they let use their vehicle;
  3. In product defect cases, any entity that profited from the sale of the defective product – provided the defect caused the injuries, can be liable;
  4. Any vendor that sold liquor to a person who was visibly intoxicated if the intoxication caused the accident can be liable. This includes the motorcycle operator or anyone else who caused the accident;
  5. A shipping or trucking company that negligently failed to supervise its drivers;
  6. Arizona, a county, a town, the Arizona Department of Transportation, a government agency, or a private contractor that failed to properly maintain the roadway where the accident occurred, can also be held liable.

Passengers on motorcycles can sue the motorcycle operator if the operator caused the accident.

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If a loved one was killed in motorcycle accident, family members have the right to bring a wrongful death action against the wrongdoer(s). If you fell or were thrown from your motorcycle, you will need extensive medical care for pain that may last a lifetime. At Amar Esq., PLLC, our Scottsdale motorcycle accident lawyers fight to hold irresponsible parties liable for death and injuries. We prepare each case for a jury trial and persuasively advocate for the injured and for their families. For caring aggressive help, please phone us at 480.802.8232 or complete our online contact form.

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