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Trusted counsel in vehicle product liability cases

A defective tire can cause a car, truck, jeep, SUV, or van to spin out of control, rollover, crash into other vehicles, or collide with a traffic pole or other highway object. Tire defects include those cases where a tire was improperly designed, improperly manufactured, or even when the instruction manual is faulty.

If tire accidents are caused by a driver who fails to properly inflate their tires, or a trucking company that lets a driver operate a truck with bald tires, the basis for the action is normally a negligence claim. If defective tires cause a wrongful death or severe injuries, the liability claim is based on product liability.

The difference between a product liability and a negligence claim is critical. In a negligence claim, the attorney for the victim must prove someone else was at fault – that they failed to take proper steps. In product liability cases, also called “strict liability cases,” the victim is entitled to a recovery if it can be shown that (1) the tire was defective at the time of the accident and (2) that the defect caused the fatality or injuries. At Amar Esq. PLLC, our Scottsdale tire defect lawyers work with tire engineers and accident reconstruction experts who understand when tires are defective and how accidents cause physical harm.

Why tire defect accidents happen

Tires can fail for the following reasons:

Failure of glue adhesion

If the glue doesn’t adhere properly; the chemicals are poorly or cheaply chosen; or the glue is too old, then problems with the tires when driven can occur.

Improper use of materials

If foreign objects get into the mix, e.g., the mix has impurities, or the moisture level isn’t right, then defect in the tire can happen.


Time, heat, and other materials can lose their efficiency over time. Often, manufacturers in an attempt to get consumers to buy their tires, oversell the time the tires can last. Many tire companies know that their tires should be changed every six years but tell consumers they can last much longer.

Other types of tire defects include tread that separates, steel belt separation, and making the wrong tires for the vehicle. Also, sometimes tires are recalled but the manufacturer doesn’t take proper steps to notify the consumer.

Some of the many tire producers who can be sued if their tires are defective and the defect caused injury include:

• B. F Goodrich
• Bridgetown
• General Tire
• Goodyear
• Michelin
• Titan Tire
• Uniroyal

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If you were seriously injured or someone you loved died due to a tire blowout or tire failure, you may need immediate representation. Delay can hurt your case. It is crucial to examine the tire and the vehicle as soon as possible after the accident – before the tire is thrown away. The tire needs to be preserved so it can be inspected. The police, repair company, junkyard, or anyone who has the tire, should be told to keep it and not throw it out.

For help obtaining compensation for your physical pain, emotional suffering, medical bills, lost income, disfigurement, or the death of a family member, please feel free to contact our Scottsdale tire defect attorney at Amar Esq. PLLC. Our law firm focuses on providing effective and dedicated attention to our clients. We are trial attorneys that have the clients best interest in mind, always. Please call 480.802.8232 or complete our contact form. We take tire defect cases on a contingency fee basis.

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