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Strong Advocacy from a Scottsdale Premises Liability Attorney when You Fall or Are Hurt on the Property of Another

Holding property owners accountable when they put profits before safety

Consumers and visitors to restaurants, retail stores, hotels, apartments, hospitals, and any type of building, have a right to expect that the property owner took steps to protect you. Whether the property owner is a for-profit company or a non-profit doesn’t matter. If you have the legal right to be on someone’s property, you have the right to expect the floors will be clear, the shelves will be secure, and the lighting will work.

At the Scottsdale personal injury law firm of Amar Esq. PLLC, we understand how frightening and traumatic a slip and fall or personal attack can be. Our Scottsdale property liability lawyers understand the relevant laws and how to hold property owners accountable when they fail to protect you. We bring claims against property owners and anyone or any company responsible for the maintenance of the subject property. Our firm demands full compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and any other damages such as scarring or disfigurement.

The standard of liability in Arizona premises liability cases

Arizona categorizes the people who are on the property of another in three different ways. Your legal rights depend on how you are classified. Our Arizona premises liability attorneys work with you to confirm that you had a right to be on the property and that you deserve the highest level of protection the law allows for. The three category types are:


An invitee is someone who enters property with the owner’s permission. Permission can be express or implied. Anyone who enters the property of another with the intent of buying a product or paying for a service is generally assumed to be an invitee – provided the entry was during normal business hours. Property owners owe the highest duty of care to invitees. This includes:

  1. Warning the invitee of any dangerous conditions that the owner was aware of or should have reasonably been aware of
  2. Fixing and repairing any defects the owner knew about or should have known about The duty of care extends to the outside of the property as well as the inside. This means sidewalks should be shoveled in winter, and cracks in the parking lot should be fixed.


A licensee is someone who has the right to be on the property but is not on the property to make a purchase. Examples include people who walk by the property on the way to another store or when someone is invited into someone’s home. Property owners owe a duty to make their property safe for licensees but they are only obligated to fix or warn about defects they actually have knowledge about.


Someone who trespasses on the property of another does not have the right to be on the property owner’s land. The property owner generally does not have a duty to protect the trespasser though exceptions may apply.

Property owners also need to be aware that some property such as swimming pools may entice someone, especially children, onto their property. A failure to take necessary precautions, such as building a fence, can lead to liability if someone is injured, drowns, or dies.

Types of property liability accidents

Our Scottsdale premises liability accident attorneys bring claims for all types of property accidents including:

Slips and falls

These accidents occur when property owners fail to clean up liquids that spill, repair torn carpets, fix broken tiles, remove fallen merchandise, shovel snow, and clear ice away. Owners should routinely examine the floors, specifically to ensure that customers and visitors don’t slip, trip, and fall.

Elevators and escalators

Property owners such as apartment complexes, hotels, and office buildings should regularly conduct inspections and perform maintenance to make sure elevators and escalators are in working order, and meet local safety regulations. Escalator and elevator injuries can cause death and/or catastrophic injuries.

Negligent security

Property owners have a duty to protect invitees and licensees from the reasonable possibility that someone may physically assault or attack people who come onto their property. This is especially true in areas where money is exchanged such as an ATM machine. If someone is a victim of the crime, they may have the right to hold the property owner liable for their civil damages. Properties should be well-lit and larger premises should have adequate security staff. Video cameras can also deter criminal attacks.

Construction site owners also have a duty to keep their work sites safe and to properly warn passers-by so that people don’t fall into holes or work areas, suffer due to an explosion or toxic chemicals, or suffer any injury due to flying debris.

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