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Excessive force by police when putting handcuffs on too tightly.

Police Misconduct & Abuse Attorney in Scottsdale Arizona

Most police officers are dedicated men and women who serve and protect our communities. Their jobs are difficult, stressful, and potentially life-threatening. However, some police officers abuse their control over the lives of the people they are hired to serve and protect. When an officer abuses his or her authority and that abuse results in harm to another person, our police brutality attorneys fight to hold the police officer(s) and the police department accountable for their misconduct and abuse.

The physical, emotional, and financial damages caused by police abuse and misconduct can be substantial. Our Scottsdale police misconduct lawyers listen to victims and provide guidance, support, and legal counsel on how to proceed with a police brutality claim. Even though a person is arrested, that person continues to have the same legal rights to not be treated in a cruel and brutal way. If the police officer ignores these rights, the victim can suffer serious injuries or potential death.

Examples of Police Misconduct and Abuse

A victim may suffer physical and emotional injuries from police abuse or misconduct. However, the person may also suffer financial and legal consequences from the wrongful acts of a police officer. Our Scottsdale police misconduct lawyers represent clients who have suffered different forms of abuse and misconduct at the hands of police officers. Examples of police brutality include:

  • Racial profiling
  • Unnecessary physical violence
  • Sexual abuse
  • Degrading and unnecessary personal searches
  • False imprisonment
  • Seizure of property not related to the crime
  • Planting evidence
  • Illegal searches
  • Coercion or blackmail
  • Undue restraint
  • Abuse of power
  • Police brutality

Victims of abusive police behavior should contact an Arizona police brutality attorney to discuss their legal rights. It may be wise not to discuss the facts of the case with other law enforcement officers, on social media, or with other individuals until the individual has consulted with a police misconduct lawyer.

What Should A Victim of Police Abuse Do to Protect His or Her Rights?

A claim of police brutality, misconduct, or abuse could be a complex legal matter that could be difficult to prove. An experienced Scottsdale police brutality attorney can help a victim file a claim against the officer or the police department responsible for the abusive behavior.

Under the appropriate circumstances, if a victim is in jail after being abused from police misconduct, a victim may be entitled to exercise his or her rights to remain silent and request a call to an attorney. However, if the victim is not immediately incarcerated or is released, the victim could help prepare for their case by documenting everything that occurred by making detailed notes and taking photographs of the injuries they were caused by the abusive police officer(s).

The victim may also seek immediate medical attention to help document their injuries. If there were witnesses to the incident, the victim could ask for the contact information of each of the witnesses. Of course, a victim may also contact an experienced police brutality attorney to learn about his or her rights on filing a lawsuit against the officer or the police department responsible. This way, with the help of an attorney the victim could be counseled throughout their pursuit of seeking compensation for the harms they incurred.

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